11 Christmas gift ideas for bloggers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for bloggers? Or need some help to decide what to put on your own Christmas list? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered with a mix of my favourite tools and services as well as a few bits on my list to Santa this year.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy through one of these links I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I use or want to use in future.


OK, so there was only one place for me to start with my Christmas gift ideas for bloggers.

Logitech C920 HD Pro USB Webcam

These days we’re all consuming more and more video online, so as bloggers and online business owners we need to make sure we’re getting a slice of that pie. 

So first up on the list is a webcam. This is the webcam that I use for all my YouTube videos, and Facebook Live streams (when I’m at my desk) and any other video content that I create while I’m at my laptop. 

It connects to your laptop/computer via USB and you’re pretty much good to go.

CRAPHY Studio Softbox Lighting Kit

If it comes down to a choice between a webcam or lighting, definitely invest in some decent lighting before a webcam. You can have the best webcam in the world but if your lighting is rubbish it won’t make any difference.

When I’m recording any kind of video when I’m at home I normally have two of these softboxes on, usually one placed either side of me. The lighting around my desk is rubbish most of the day apart from mid-afternoon, when I rarely have time to record video – so these a life saver for me.


If you’re looking for the gift that keeps on giving, or looking to splurge on yourself, there’s so much value to be had in these next three suggestions. 

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for bloggers subscriptions don’t seem that glamorous but the blogger in your life will love you forever if you go with one

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is a twitter scheduler that lets you create one tweet to repeat at a specified interval until you tell it to stop. It’s made some tweaks since Twitter started cracking down on spam, but it’s still the stand out leading Twitter scheduler around. 

The Inner Circle – from You Baby Me Mummy

The single most important factor in getting The Blog Genie to where it is today is the support and guidance that I’ve had from Aby Moore’s Inner Circle membership.

Not only do I get access to all of Aby’s training materials and courses, but I have access to live monthly training and the undying support from the most wonderful women I’ve ever met online. 

I can’t recommend the Inner Circle highly enough.


Pinterest can be a huge source of traffic for bloggers, if you get it right. I use a combination of scheduled pins via Tailwind and manual pinning of pins via the app on my phone during the day.

Tailwind has an exclusive feature called Tribes, where members of those tribes have to re-pin at least one other tribe member’s pin for each one of their own that they add to a tribe. This can get your pins in front of a huge audience if you get your keywords and pin design right.

Hosting with Siteground

One of the key elements to having a blog that loads quickly, is quality hosting. Siteground host all 3 of my websites (likely to become 4 during 2019).

They’re one of the top 3 hosts recommended by WordPress. Since switching to Siteground in March I’ve not had any downtime for any of my sites and I noticed a significant improvement in page loading speeds too.  

You can also check out my online tutorial of how to set up a free SSL certificate with Siteground, showing just how easy a host they are to use.

Stationery and Planners

If you, or the blogger in your life isn’t a self-confessed stationery addict then they’re either in denial or not a real blogger. Just kidding 😉

In my view you can’t go wrong with stationery when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for bloggers. I for one do love a brand new ring-bound notebook and brand new pens

Rainbow Ballpoint Pens

Ok, so I actually had a pack of these, but they’ve ended up in my pre-schooler’s pencil case. I know, right? So this year I’ll be asking Santa to bring me a brand new set and hope that I’ll manage to hold on to them this year!

Bic Cristal Multicolour Pens

It would seem that I have a problem when it comes to pens. I do love the way Bic pens write, so I’m including these on the list as an alternative just in case Santa struggles with the other ones 😉

Spotty Notebook

I’m a sucker for a pretty notebook, and would you look at that? This one is right on brand for The Blog Genie, so it would almost be sacrilege for it not to be in my stocking come Christmas morning, right?

Action Day Planner

I bought the 2018 version of this one very recently as I found that Google Calendar just wasn’t working for me. 
On each two-page spread there’s a weekly diary section along with space for your to-do list, goals/projects and anything you need to delegate to other people in your team.

If anything, the diary section is a touch on the small side, but not so small that I’m not considering buying/requesting one for 2019 this Christmas.

EPIC BLOG: One Year Editorial Planner

This is a great planner for outlining your goals for the year and breaking down your content month, by month. This was a present I asked for last year and am likely to ask for again this year. 

Personally I think that if you use this planner, with the action planner mentioned above you’ll be set with your overall vision for your blog business for the next year, along with the day to day stuff that you need to do to keep things ticking over.

Christmas gift ideas for bloggers – the verdict

Obviously I either have or want everything listed on this page so it’s not going to be the most objective of conclusions. If I had to choose just one thing from this list it would be the lighting set. Good light makes a massive difference to your videos.

Oh and I’d probably take the Action planner too – I know it’s cheating, (it’s my blog post I can do what I want). It’s making a big difference to the day to day running of my business at the moment.

Whether you take any of my Christmas gift ideas for bloggers or not, I hope both you and/or the blogger in your life get everything they wish for this Christmas.

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