How to install WooCommerce in WordPress and sell direct

Do you need to know how to install WooCommerce in WordPress? Well my friend, you’re in the right place. In this blog post I’m going to take you, step by step, through the process of installing it on your WordPress site, and then how to set it up so you can start selling. But before that I’m going to chat … Read More

5.5 top tips for women and OMGs working in a male-dominated industry

It’s tough working in a male-dominated industry as a woman or other marginalized gender (OMG). Thankfully this week I have a special guest post from Amelia from the awesome HI Jewellery talking about her experiences and top tips for dealing with it. Take it away Amelia. “She likes being on her knees” said one male colleague to me when I … Read More

The tech help solution for small business; WP Flex

Are you looking for a tech help solution for small business? Or maybe you’re just looking to claw back some of your precious time to focus on your biz. Either way you’re in the right place. WP Flex is the time-saving, tech help solution for small business. How does that sound? There are 3 different levels of maintenance for your … Read More

Is X- Theme the best WordPress theme for business?

When setting up your new WordPress website you need to make sure to choose a theme that is going to showcase your business. But which is the best WordPress theme for business? If you ask me it’s X-theme. What is a theme and why do I need one? Your website is the online home for your business, so you need … Read More

9 tremendous WordPress plugins for business you need right now

9 tremendous WordPress plugins for business you need right now

Which WordPress plugins for business do you need to install right now? Every business will have different needs. You might want to let clients book appointments, or buy tickets to an event you’re running, or even want to host webinars on your website. BUT, there are still a core set of WordPress plugins that I recommend that everyone have on … Read More

Wix or WordPress? How to make the best choice for your website

Wix or WordPress? Which is the best platform for you to build your business website right now? This is something I’ve been asked a lot over the last year. For me there is only one winner and you won’t be surprised to hear that I think it’s WordPress. In this post when I talk about WordPress I mean a self … Read More

Do I need web hosting? 7 simple tips

Do I need web hosting? The quick and easy answer to this question is yes if you have a website.  This week we have a guest post from Danielle from Black Nova Designs Ltd talking all about web hosting.  If you’ve gone to the effort of building an awesome website for your business, chances are you’ll want everyone to see your … Read More

19 wonderful WordPress tips for beginners

Are you new to WordPress? If so, WordPress tips for beginners is right up your street. I’ll be honest this was a tough one for me this week, I think mainly due to my technical background. When I start using something new like, recently for me, SocialBee I have an idea of how software should work. Or how I would … Read More

11 Christmas gift ideas for bloggers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for bloggers? Or need some help to decide what to put on your own Christmas list? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered with a mix of my favourite tools and services as well as a few bits on my list to Santa this year. Tech OK, so there was only one place for me to … Read More

Tech Help Tuesday #8

How to stop Google tracking your own website views and how to format your blog posts

Another tech help Tuesday is upon us people. Halloween is over and apparently that now makes it Christmas. Honestly, my email inbox started filling up with Christmas newsletters on Thursday morning!  Well, enough of my grumbling about how it ‘was never like this in my day’ and let’s crack on with the matter at hand. This month I’m featuring questions … Read More