Why you definitely need a virtual assistant

Why you definitely need a virtual assistant

In my early days of blogging I never thought I’d ever need a virtual assistant. I’d listen to the seasoned pros talking about having virtual assistants and think – I just can’t afford to pay someone else. And anyway I don’t need a virtual assistant when I can do it all myself.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

The wonderful Aby Moore often says “you pay with your time or your money”. And she’s absolutely right. I could spend ages agonising over the jobs I don’t enjoy (and I’m a bit rubbish at), or I can pay someone to do a better job in half the time. And while they do that I can get on with building my own empire.

It’s a no brainer.

The awesome Chris Ducker (I’m going to his summit on November!) says the same. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. That time could be better spent doing the stuff that’s going to earn me money. This is why you need a virtual assistant.

I know we British get a bit squeamish when it comes to money, but let me be real, I’m here to earn a living. As much as I’d love to help people for free, I’ve got food to put on the table.

How I realised I needed a Virtual Assistant

It was when The Blog Genie came along that I realized that I needed help. I was just about managing with Raising a Ragamuffin – posting new content twice a week, sending out a weekly newsletter and keeping on top of my social media accounts.

Then I spotted a gap in the market for a blog-tech-help blog written by a blogger for bloggers. And that’s where The Blog Genie came from. I realised that I could leverage my tech skills and my experience as a blogger to help other bloggers. Those who either didn’t want to get their hands dirty or just didn’t have the time.

I totally underestimated how much more time I would need to start another blog AND offer a paid service alongside it. That’s when I realized I needed a Virtual Assistant.


Choosing a virtual assistant

Luckily for me I didn’t have to look far for a virtual assistant. I’m part of a wonderful blogging community on Facebook where lots of people are also virtual assistants. Knowing them all beforehand also meant that I knew who was good at what.

I’m also very aware of what I’m bad at and what I needed a virtual assistant to do for me.

In came Kelly Kemp VA Services.


There’s something about Kelly

Where do I begin? Kelly has been fab from the word go. She does what I ask with minimal input from me and more importantly she does it well.

Kelly does my least favourite job (scheduling Facebook) and the ones I know I’m terrible at (graphics design) and does them much better than I ever could.

She’s also a wiz with  X theme, Themeco’s super customisable WordPress theme. This is another skill of hers that I intend to make use of in the coming weeks.



Having Kelly take some of the load means that I can concentrate on moving my business forward. It means that I can spend time doing the jobs that are actually going to earn me money.

I’m really unhappy in my day job at the moment, it’s not the job itself  – I just want to have more flexibility in my life. Flexibility that running my own business from home will give me. But in order to get my business where I need to be for me to leave my job, I need some help.

So I’ve decided to invest more money to pay for more of Kelly’s time to get some more jobs off my to do list. Ones that had been on there a while partly due to them not being urgent and partly because they were jobs I knew I was rubbish at.

Graphics and design really are not my strong point, even with tools like Canva. Thankfully Kelly is ah-may-zing when it comes to graphics.


What can a virtual assistant do for you?

Virtual assistants can do so much more than schedule social media and design graphics. At the moment that’s what Kelly does for me but I fully intend to offload more tasks to her as and when they crop up.

Here are a few ideas of what a virtual assistant can do for you:

  • Schedule your Facebook page
  • Schedule your tweets
  • Pin your content to Pinterest
  • Schedule your Instagram posts
  • Upload your videos to YouTube
  • Edit photos
  • Add photos to your blog posts
  • Design graphics templates
  • Admin Facebook groups
  • Schedule your diary
  • Proof read
  • Manage your email
  • Transcribe your videos
  • Approve and reply to blog comments
  • Video editing
  • Keyword research
  • Add your posts to linkies

These are just a few things that a virtual assistant can do for you. If there’s something that needs doing and it doesn’t HAVE to be be you, then a virtual assistant can do it.


You need a virtual assistant because…

They take away your least favourite jobs and the ones you’re worst at. Because they let you get into the nitty gritty task of making money. Most of all they give you the freedom to work ON your business NOT IN your business.

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