How would you feel if you could spread your message far and wide without having to leave home?

What if you could make sales 24-7, even while you sleep?

Imagine connecting with your ideal customers every single day no matter where they are in the world - that's the power of the internet.

A website can do all of this for you and more.

Let me show you how.




The course that shows you exactly how to build a website in less than 48 hours!


Website in a Weekend

Website in a Weekend will show you exactly how to build an online home for your business opening a whole host of opportunities for business growth.

A website for your biz gives you the means of connecting with your ideal clients around the world.

Think about just how many people you'll be able to reach right from your own front room.

Can you imagine being able to sell your products and services to people on the other side of the world?

You'll also be able to make sales 24-7, even while you sleep!

I mean who doesn't want to make money they're out of office?

All of these things point to more sales and business growth with less input from you.

So you'll have more time for you to do more of the things you love.

What's more, Website in a Weekend will show you how to get there in less than 2 days!


Who am I?

Hey, hey! I'm Kim and I help women with tech so that they can focus on running their businesses.

I'm on a mission to make sure women get the tech help they need, when they need it after spending 8 years working as a web developer. I'm driven to help women succeed and become role models for our daughters.

When I'm not running my biz you'll usually find me out in the South Yorkshire countryside, probably hunting for the next geocache.
Website in a Weekend shows you how to build your website using a platform called WordPress.

Why use WordPress?

  • It's quick to get set up - you can build a website in a couple of days.
  • It's easy to use - a third of all websites use WordPress. Check out the video below for a look behind the scenes.
  • It's cheap to get started - you can start a WordPress website for as little as £20 and then £5 a month for your website to be made available to the internet.
  • It's the best platform around for making sure people find your site from Google.
  • It's scalable - you can add extra features to your site using plugins (little apps that are dead easy add to your site)
  • Tonnes of options for monetisation - you can set up an online shop, e-course and even a membership area on your WordPress website.
  • It integrates with lots of other services like email marketing systems, customer relationship management systems and more.

What does Website in a Weekend cover?

Everything you need to get a website up an running.

Don't worry if any of this sounds scary. I'll explain everything in full during the course content.

The course is made up of 10 different modulesand each one is made up of an informative PDF download and is accompanied by at least one video that will show you exactly what you need to do.

Part One

Setting the foundations.
This is where we'll look at what WordPress actually is and put the tech in place ready to start building your site in the second part.

Module List

Introduction to WordPress
Domain names
The WordPress Dashboard

Part Two

This is where the magic happens.
Here we'll build your site into something that represents you and your business.

Module List

Basic security
Adding content
Basic GDPR
Advanced Security

What they're saying...


Carol from Take Five for you Today

If anyone's on the fence about this course, don't be. It's great value and Kim's accompanying YouTube walk-throughs are brilliant for visual learners.

I love that you can do as little or as much as you like on your terms too. And even if you feel like you've got the hang of WordPress, this course gives you that extra support and confidence in setting up your own site.

How is the course delivered?

You'll have access to all the course material in my online school.

There's no time limit so you can do it at your own pace and all modules will be made available from the get go. So you can choose how quickly or slowly you want to go through it. It's totally up to you.

You'll get instant access the second you sign up, so what are you waiting for?


Want to know if this is the right fit? Have any other questions for me?


I'm always happy to help