You're worried about using the new WordPress editor.

You're not sure you have the time to get used to it and you're worried that it might mess up your existing content.

Maybe you're happy with the classic editor and can't see any reason to switch to Gutenberg.

I get it.

We're all short of time and change can be scary.

BUT what if I told you that Gutenberg could make creating new posts and pages quicker and easier than ever before?



with Gutenberg

The interactive online workshop that shows you how to get started with the WordPress block editor

GET TO GRIPS with Gutenberg

This is a gentle introduction to using the new WordPress block editor.

You may have had a poke around Gutenberg but found it a bit overwhelming or maybe you've avoided it altogether so far.

Think of this as a helping hand to guide you.

I'm going to show not only how to use Gutenberg but simple tips and tricks that can save you time.

Can you imaging adding YouTube videos to your content using just a link? Gutenberg can do that.

Or having your email opt-in form ready to add with a couple of clicks of a button? Gutenberg can do that too.

I know what it's like to spend time crafting content only for it to take just as long to get it laid out how I want it in the WordPress editor.

Gutenberg can take away ALL that pain. Think of it as your content creating BFF.


Who am I?

Hey, hey! I'm Kim and I help women with tech so that they can focus on running their businesses.

I'm on a mission to make sure women get the tech help they need, when they need it after spending 8 years working as a web developer. I'm driven to help women succeed and become role models for our daughters.

When I'm not running my biz you'll usually find me out in the South Yorkshire countryside, probably hunting for the next geocache.



Thursday 18th July 2019
1:15pm (UK time)


Anywhere you have an internet connection

What you'll learn

Finding your way around

We'll look at where the word count has moved to, document settings, permalinks and lots more

Creating new content

Once you know where everything is we'll look at using them to create new content.

Existing content

What to do with your existing content? Leave it as it is or convert to blocks? After the workshop you'll be able to make an informed decision


Want to know if this is the right fit? Have any other questions for me?


I'm always happy to help