How to hide Pinterest images in your blog posts the easy way

Pictures or ‘pins’ are really important on Pinterest. It’s a good idea to have more than one design per post to try to appeal to a a wider audience. The best way to do it is to hide Pinterest images in your blog posts. This is so that their posts aren’t full of vertical images that can  be a bit much for their readers.

How to Optimise your images for Pinterest

Tall images perform best on Pinterest. New guidelines from Pinterest in April 2018 recommend pictures that are 600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall. If you use canva (if you don’t you should because it’s awesome) their pinterest templates are 600×900 pixels.

Longer images will be shown in the feed but will be cut off at 1260 pixels long, but people will still see the full pin if they click on it.

Have a look at popular pins

Looking at Pinterest’s popular pins you’ll notice that most of them have some text on them. This makes it obvious what the pin is about, which helps people decide whether or not to pin it. I’ll be honest, I never, repin a pin without text on it – they just don’t appeal to me. I could be the exception to the rule – it definitely wouldn’t be the first time! So just make sure you have a look at what’s trending every so often so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Why you need more than one Pinterest optimised image in you blog posts

In the blogging facebook groups I’m in, when anyone has a pinterest question we ask the pinterest queen – Jade from Mummies Waiting and The Blog Assistant. She said that I should have more than one pin for my blog posts to maximize my reach on Pinterest.

Jade says: think about your audience and how each person is different. They’ll all like different designs and so, different pins will stand out for each of them. Having multiple pins in a post (and then pinning them all) means that you can test the response of different images. You can hit different pain points for different readers. Think 1 food pin is aimed at weight loss, 1 as a family meal and 1 with a big credit to your ‘freebie’.

When she puts it like that it makes total sense – which is why Jade is a Pinterest guru.

How to Hide Pinterest Optimised Images In Your Blog Posts

How to hide pinterest images in your blog posts

Hiding pinterest images in your blog posts is so easy you’ll wonder why I even bothered writing a post about it. But really and truly, it’s only easy when you know how. There are no stupid questions or topics too easy for me to cover here at The Blog Genie HQ, so don’t ever be afraid to get in touch for help.

So where were we? That’s right – what you need to do to hide Pinterest images in your blog posts.

  1. You need to have more than one pinterest worthy picture. There are some great templates in Canva that you can just drag your images onto, change the text and the job’s a good ‘un. Just make sure you download them in .JPEG format, because it makes your Blog Genie sulk in her lamp when you use .PNG (check out this post on optimising images for blog posts for more info 😉
  2. Upload them to your blog, and add them both to the post that you want to use them in.
  3. Once you’ve added them to your post, click the Text tab on the top right corner of the wordpress editor and find the code for your images.
    You’re looking for two lines of code that both start with



    and end in


    Handy tip – I always add mine to the very bottom of the post so I don’t have to faff about looking too closely at the code. Looking at code in the wordpress editor makes me cry because it doesn’t lay it out anywhere near the way it should be.

  4. Once you’ve found your images you want to add the following text to the one you want to hide

    anywhere on the line with a space between anything that comes before and after it
    It should look something like this

    <img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-736" style="display: none;" src="" alt="" width="683" height="1024" />
  5. Click the Visual tab on the top right corner of the wordpress editor and scroll to where both images were. You should see that the one that you added the code to isn’t displayed. Save the changes.
  6. When the post is published (if not already) go to the post and click your pinterest sharing button. When the images appear to choose which one to pin, you should be able to choose from the hidden image as well as all the other images that are visible in the post.

In summary…

  • More than one pinterest optimised image in your blog posts is good practice. It means that you can appeal to more people with different colours and titles.
  • You should probably think about having only one of those pictures visible in your posts so that you don’t overwhelm your readers with long images.
  • To hide pinterest optimised images in your blog posts you need to make a minor tweak to the image code.

Do you have any questions about how to hide Pinterest images in your blog posts? If you do leave me a comment or pop me an email at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Don’t forget that if you have any questions about anything else blog tech related, you can get in touch via email, Twitter or Facebook.

And finally if you’re looking to focus on Pinterest at all, I totally recommend Jade’s Pinterest service, the Pin-Ultimate package. Within a week of Jade weaving her Pinterest magic on my profile my monthly unique viewers had increased by 1000! Within 2 weeks it’s more than doubled. The results speak for themselves.

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12 Comments on “How to hide Pinterest images in your blog posts the easy way”

  1. Jade is Pinterest Queen. I’ve fallen out of love with Pinterest but just had given it a very minor revamp and need to do more. I need to look at creating hidden pin images again, although I find they don’t always come up depending on the share button I use (or If I use the share function on my iPhone or iPad). I must sort this out really and set aside some time for it. #BloggerClubUK

    1. Jade overhauled my pinterest profile for me just over a month ago and my monthly profile reach has increased by 7 times the number it was getting before she waved her magic wand. Worth every penny and more

  2. Hi Blog Genie,

    Yes your tip for hiding blog images works a treat.

    My only concern is that large images can slow page loading time. And I haven’t established if hidden images are actually loaded.

    Page loading speed is a Google Ranking Factor

    1. Hi Stephen, yes large images can slow page loading speeds down which in turn can harm your google search rankings however, if you optimise your images properly e.g. make sure they’re the right format and compress them before you upload them, along with making sure other areas of your blog are loading as quickly as possible it shouldn’t be a problem.

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