Optimise to Maximise

Cut your images down to size with
The Blog Genie


Are huge images slowing your blog down?

Would you like to learn how to optimise your images so they have minimal impact on your blog loading speeds?

In this video workshop I will walk you through my foolproof process for making sure your images are optimised specifically for your blog.

You'll also get an exclusive cheat sheet to accompany the workshop as well as my WordPress plugin checklist and my site speed checklist too!

Why you should care about your site loading speeds?

40% of people abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load - Neil Patel

Almost HALF of all people will leave your site if it doesn't load within 3 seconds.

That's 40% of people you've worked so hard to get onto your site.
You wouldn't want them leaving before they've at least had a chance to look around, would you?

Not only that, but Google are starting to take notice of the time people spend on your site to help determine search rankings.

This is why you need to take action.

For the vast majority of clients who come to me with slow loading blogs, images are the main cause.


My simple strategy

Tech doesn't come easy to everyone, and I designed this workshop with that in mind.

I walk you through each step using plain English, and the jargon is kept to a minimum.

I explain why each step is needed and I've streamlined the process so it doesn't take forever and a day every time you write a new blog post.

3 FREE printable downloads

You'll get the handy little cheat sheet which accompanies the workshop with reminders of the process and somewhere to make a note of your theme and correct image sizes.

Then once you've optimised your images, grab the Site Speed Checklist and WordPress plugin checklist to help optimise the other slow loading parts of your blog.

Lifetime Access

As bloggers we have to do ALL the things, am I right?

Lifetime access means that you can sit down and work through it when it suits YOU.

There's no time pressure to get it done before it's lost forever, it's intended for you to pick it up and put it down when it's convenient for you.

Video Workshop

Created for bloggers just like you

Learn at your own pace

The workshop is pre-recorded so you'll be able to pause, and navigate back and forth as you need.

Step by step training

I'll be there to hold your hand every step of the way.
You see my exact process and how my screen looks as I do it.

Streamlined process

As a blogger myself I know how little time there is to get ALL the things done.
That's why I've made sure that this process is as streamlined as possible. And it really comes into it's own when you're batch creating images.

Live interactive workshops


Get your questions answered!

If you'd prefer a more interactive session, then a live version of this workshop should be right up your street.

You'll have the chance to ask questions as I walk you through the steps, and there will also be time set aside at the end for Q&A.

And of course you'll have lifetime access to the replay and the printable downloads that come with it.




  • Step by step video workshop recording
  • 3 printable downloads


Live workshop


  • Access to live online workshop
  • Access to the workshop recording
  • 3 printable downloads