WordPress Site Speed Package


Are people leaving your WordPress site before pages have even loaded? Are you looking to offload for it to be someone else’s problem?

If any of this sounds like you, then this package is what you’re after.


Let me take a load off by sorting out your WordPress blog/website’s loading speed issues. I’ll take care of everything from start to finish.

I’ll check your blog’s page loading speeds using 3 different page speed analysers and will then put their recommendations in place on your blog including:

  • Make your Javascript, HTML and CSS as small as possible (minification)
  • Making sure your settings are set up for maximum performance
  • Identify and advise of any plugins/widgets that may be slowing your blog down
  • Removing any landing page redirects
  • Check to make sure your images in are in the optimal format (depending on the number of images on your site and their format e.g. .png, .jpg etc. – this may require additional labour costs)