Tech Help Tuesday #4

Tech Help Tuesday #4

Hi! Welcome back to another tech help tuesday here at The Blog Genie HQ. We’ve had some beautiful weather in June and let’s hope it carries on through the rest of the summer. This week we have another 2 questions from other bloggers so I’m going to get stuck in.


Link Previews on Social Media

First up this week is Alex from Better Together Home and she asked:

I’ve tried manually changing the title and photo but when I share any post from my site it comes up with ‘My Title’ and a random picture instead of the actual blog title and logo.

Ok so there are a few things to check here.

Firstly if you have Yoast installed, if you don’t you really should, there are a couple of settings in here to check to make sure that sites like Facebook and Twitter can find the information they need to display more specific links.

Hover over the SEO menu on the left hand side of the wordpress dashboard and click Social.

Then click the Facebook tab and then make sure that the Add Open Graph meta data option is enabled, if not enable it and then save.



Click the Twitter tab and make sure that Add Twitter card meta data is enabled, if not enable it and then save.


If both options are switched on, then we need to look at the facebook debugger. Put the to any post you’re having problems with here then click Debug. It will crawl the link and let you know what the problem is (if any).


WordPress Menus

Next up this week is Rachel from Aspergers, My Mum and Me who asked a couple of questions about wordpress.

How do I add a new page to my menu and how do I group blog posts together under one heading?

Add a new page to a menu

  1. Create your page by hovering over Pages in the left hand menu and then click Add New.
  2. Add text and pictures and lay it out as you want then when you’re happy with it, click publish.
  3. Hover over Appearance in the left hand menu and then click menus.
  4. Choose the menu that you want to add the page to from the dropdown list at the top of the screen and click select.
  5. Look for a section on the screen called Pages and find your new page in this list. When you’ve found it click the checkbox next to it then click the Add to Menu button below. Doing this moves it over to the list of menu items. Once it’s there you can then change its position in the menu by dragging it up and down.
  6. If you want it to appear as a dropdown menu from one of the other menu items on the list, drag it so that it’s below the option you want it to drop down from and when drag it slightly to the right. WordPress will recognise this and indent it, meaning it’s recognised that it’s part of the menu item before it.
  7. When you’ve finished making changes click Save Menu in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Group blog posts under one heading

On wordpress, the screen where all your blog posts are displayed is called the blog roll. This displays all of your blog posts regardless of tags and categories and they are shown in chronological order. Sometimes you want to show a set of blog posts that all talk about the same subject so that your readers don’t have to wade through all your posts to get to the ones their interested in. To do this I suggest that you use a category. For example on Raising a Ragamuffin, I group my feminism and parenting blog posts together under two menu options. The feminism posts all have the Feminism category and the parenting posts, Parenting.

Then to create the menu item taking your readers to the group posts, go back to the Menus screen, choose the menu you want to add the category pages to from the drop down list and click select.

Beneath the drop down list there will be a section called Pages, underneath that click the categories option. This will close the pages section and open categories which will show you a list of all the categories you’ve added to your blog. Select the checkbox next to the category you want to make a menu item for and then click add to menu. Once it’s on the menu you can then drag it up and down to change the order of menu items.



So that’s it for this week. Don’t forget if you have any tech problems that you need help with send me an email at and I could be answering your question here next month.



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