WP Website in a Weekend

Build a website for your business in less than 48 hours

WP Website in a weekend is an online course that will to take you from no website to a fully functioning website in 2 days.

Do you need a website for your business, but are bamboozled by the tech?
Is it stopping you from starting your new business?

Do you need someone to show you the ropes, step by step, at your own pace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then WP Website in a Weekend is for you!

What exactly is WP Website in a Weekend?

WP Website in a Weekend is an online course delivered over the space of a couple of days (doesn't have to be a weekend).

The course takes you through the whole process of setting up a website from choosing your domain name to creating new pages and blog posts (if you want to add a blog to your site).

What does the course cover?

Part 1 - Setting the foundations

This is where we'll look at what WordPress actually is and then we'll start putting the tech in place ready to start building your site in the second part.

Part 2 - Creating your WordPress website

This is where the magic happens. Here is where we start building your site into something you can see and start customising to match your brand.

Module list

Here's a list of all the modules included in the course.

Don't worry if any of these words sound scary or a bit techy, I promise that everything will be explained in full during each module.

Every module is made up of a PDF download, which is effectively the theory, and will be accompanied by at least one video that takes you through the more practical elements.

Part 1 - Setting the foundations

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Domain names
  • Hosting

Part 2 - Customising your website

  • The WordPress dashboard
  • Basic security
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Adding content
  • Basic GDPR
  • Advanced Security

How will I get the course content?

You'll get the course content via email, over the course of a couple of days, which will have a downloadable PDF with links to tutorials on YouTube (that only people doing the course can access).

There's no time limit on the course so you can do it at your own pace, which could be as the emails come in, or whenever you get a spare 5 minutes. It's totally up to you.